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CBD for  Sexual Wellness: Does CBD Work Wonders In The Bedroom?

CBD for Sexual Wellness: Does CBD Work Wonders In The Bedroom?

Posted by The Amazing Kind on Feb 28th 2024

Could CBD be the boost your sex life needs?

When it comes to the bedroom, there can be all sorts of issues that diminish sexual enjoyment - from confidence and body image struggles to physical issues like erectile dysfunction or pain. But what if a little botanical booster could help overcome some of those hurdles?

Enter CBD: The trending supplement many tout for its relaxing and pain-relieving capabilities. Proponents of CBD say it can also be used to enhance sexual sensations and arousal thanks to its effects on receptors throughout the body involved in regulating things like pain, anxiety, inflammation and blood flow.

Let’s explore some of the key potential benefits of CBD for your sex life:

Reducing Stress & Anxiety: CBD is shown to positively interact with serotonin receptors and affect areas of the brain involved in controlling fear and anxiety. This can help some people feel less inhibited or anxious during intimacy. Feel relaxed and stay present in the moment.

Enhancing Sensations: Some early research shows signals point to CBD having the ability to positively influence neural activity responsible for registering pleasurable sensations. This could mean a boost in satisfaction for some folks.

Increasing Blood: Flow By acting as a vasodilator, CBD helps expand blood vessels to increase blood flow and circulation. Improved blood flow delivery to genital regions paves the way for increased arousal.

Alleviating Discomfort: CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory properties can help decrease pain and discomfort that may occur during penetration due to dryness or medical conditions like endometriosis.

What are the Myths/Unknowns about using CBD to improve sex:

Boosts Libido: There is limited evidence showing CBD alone can increase sex drive or affect hormones like testosterone. Effect likely depends on addressing underlying mood issues.

Treats Sexual Dysfunction: CBD shows promise for conditions like erectile dysfunction or low arousal, but more targeted research is needed in this area.

Replaces Medical Care: While complementary, CBD should not replace doctor-supervised treatment plans for major sexual health issues.

Universal Solution: CBD affects each person differently based on factors like route/dose of administration, metabolism, genetics and more. So benefits may vary greatly.

While more research is still needed, the potential CBD has for overcoming several common barriers to satisfying sex shows promise. As with any new supplement, it’s wise to check with your doctor about possible benefits and side effects based on your individual health. Each person may experience varyingly results.

If you and your partner have hit a lull in the bedroom, a little CBD could go a long way towards some feel good stimulation under the sheets!

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