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Have you ever read the About Us page on a company’s website to discover that wow this company is like 100 years old? They must really know what they are doing, right? Let’s hope they do. Well, that’s not us. Not even close.  I mean we know what we are doing but we’re just not super old like that. No, our company is young and fresh and full of motivation to create amazing products so we can live life healthfully and to the fullest. 

We get really excited about formulating skin care products. And we love learning about the incredible ingredients that come from nature.  Organic skin care formulation is a field that is growing quickly, and we love the company. It’s great that so many people have become passionate about natural, nutrient rich skin care products. As more people use or make these types of products the healthier, we all become. And that’s a beautiful thing. 

About the founder, about me:  After years of eating too much late-night ice cream and not getting enough exercise I found myself out of shape and with terrible back pain. The back pain was the real problem and I tried everything to make it go away. From doctors to physical therapists to lots of ibuprofen. Along the way I started looking into alternatives and began reading a lot about CBD and decided to give a topical a try.  To my amazement it really helped. I then got lucky and found a great physical therapist who let me know that the real problem was that I had a weak core and that the muscles I needed for all day support were not engaging.  I began doing the prescribed exercises and I took topical CBD products to reduce inflammation. I also took a CBD tincture for anxiety, and it really took the edge off. As my core strengthened the pain just started to go away. It was like a little miracle. It made me realize how important it is for all of us to live healthy well-balanced lives. 

I was so impressed with how well CBD worked that I decided to create my own CBD company. I wanted to offer only the most amazing kind of products to my customers, so I decided to name my company The Amazing Kind. I started off formulating my own balms, creams and soaps. Then I decided to get a diploma in organic skin care formulation where I learned a great deal about formulation along with the incredible skin-health benefits you can get from ingredients that come from nature. 

Today our focus is pain relief, sports recovery and activity comfort, skin care, bath (DopeSoap) and nutritional supplements. We continue to formulate and hand craft many of our products. We also have amazing products made for us. The most important thing is that our raw ingredients be of the highest quality and with true benefits. 

I really hope our products work for you. And I hope you find them to be a valuable compliment to your other healthy lifestyle choices. 

Together we can look and feel amazing inside and out! 


The Founder