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About the founder:  After years of eating too much late-night ice cream, not getting enough exercise and too much stress, I found myself out of shape and with terrible back pain. The back pain was terrible, and I tried everything to make it go away. From doctors to physical therapists to lots of ibuprofen. Along the way I started looking into natural alternatives and began reading a lot about arnica, CBD and essential oils. I decided to give a topical CBD cream a try and to my amazement it really helped. I then got lucky and found a great physical therapist who let me know that the real problem was my weak core and that the muscles I needed for all day support were not engaging.  I began doing the prescribed exercises and I took topical CBD products to reduce inflammation. I also took a CBD infused oil to promote a sense of calm, and it really took the edge off. As my core strengthened the pain just started to go away. 

I was so impressed with how well CBD worked that I started formulating my own balms and creams. I gave these away to friends and family and they kept coming back for more. I quickly realized that there was something special about these products I was making so I decided to found The Amazing Kind where I could offer pain relief and self-care products for the mind and body to everyone. 

Have an amazing day!

Kris Petersen